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Elemental Technologies /
Applied Products

Elemental Technology / Application Product

Technology field and factor we have
Technology Field Factor
Spinning & Take-up

Vibration, noise analysis technology

Fluid analysis technology

Material strength analysis technology

Structrual analysis technology

High speed roatating technology

Winding control technology

Lubrication Technology

Heating & Coolin

Heat exchange analysis technology

Fluid analysis technology

Heat medium application technology

Yarn Texturing

High-value-added yarn texturing technology

Air texturing technology

Servo technology, High precision positioning technology

Tension monitoring technology


Robotic technology

Technology Field Factor
Mechatronic Control

Heater, motor control technology

Inverter control technology

Electric motor design technology

Network technology

Spinning Process

Viscoelastic fluid analysis technology

Heating / cooling temperature analysis technology

Master Batch kneading technology


High-speed rotor integrated manufacturing technology

High precision grinding technology for long thin cylinder

High precision machining technology for scroll cam

Balance correction technology for high-speed rotating bodies