Regarding the Incident of Unauthorized Access to Our Company’s System (Report-2)

April 9th, 2024

As previously announced in the ” Regarding the Incident of Unauthorized Access to Our Company’s System ” dated March 28, 2024, it has come to our attention that our system was subject to unauthorized access from external sources on March 18, 2024.  We would like to provide you with the findings of our preliminary investigation and our outlook for the future.

1. Overview of Damages and Impact

Based on our initial investigation, it has been determined that our business systems were encrypted due to an attack utilizing ransomware from a third party. As a result, our business operations have been disrupted, potentially giving impact to both our customers and business partners. We will provide individual explanations to those affected customers and business partners. We also have received messages demanding ransom payment from the third party, however we have decided not to comply and are pursuing self-recovery efforts.  

2. Status

Upon detecting the unauthorized access, we promptly collaborated with the vendor responsible for system maintenance and operation to initiate recovery and investigation. Subsequently, we engaged a specialized forensic investigation firm to commence an investigation. We have also reported and consulted with the Osaka Prefectural Police and the Personal Information Protection Commission, and under the guidance of a lawyer specializing in information security, we are progressing with recovery and investigation efforts.

3. Future Outlook

We will continue to work on recovery and investigation efforts and provide necessary updates to our customers and stakeholders in a timely manner. Upon completion of the investigation, we will consider preventative measures and provide a report detailing the causes.

4. Contact Information:

For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact your sales representative or the following contact points:

We sincerely apologize once again for any inconvenience and concerns caused to our customers and stakeholders.

Regarding the Incident of Unauthorized Access to Our Company’s System (Report-1)