Environmental activities

Environmental activities

With bases in Kyoto, which is where the Kyoto Protocol was signed, Otsu, which is adjacent to Lake Biwa the great water reservoir for the Kansai region, Matsuyama, which faces the Seto Inland Sea with its prosperous fishing industry, and other regions with high environmental awareness, TMT Machinery is earnestly making efforts to protect the environment and conserve energy.

TMT Machinery’s fundamental principles for environmental management

At TMT Machinery, in order to fulfill an active role in regional environmental protection during our company business activities, we have established the following principles.

  • (1) Environmental protection is the foundation of our enterprise activities, and we will prioritize the execution of measures necessary for it.
  • (2) We will take responsibility for our actions and conduct thorough independent management for environmental protection.
  • (3) We will strive to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperative relationships with every level of society in order to preserve regional environments and conduct various other activities.
  • (4) We will take an active role in global environmental protection.

Development of products that are kind to the earth and the environment

As our approach to environmental protection through our products, we will seek to devise methods that have the smallest impacts on the environment at every stage from product manufacture and use to final disposal. As one example, we are actively working on the development of products that are kind to the earth and the environment by suppressing the amounts of air use and electricity consumption.