Elemental Technology/Application Product

Industrial Machine

産業資材紡糸 In 2005, we launched our industrial machine business under the basic concept of “introducing synthetic fiber equipment with advanced technology and know-how to your business.” It is our belief that elemental technology for synthetic fiber production that we have cultivated for many years can also be used for a wide range of materials and products across manufacturing industries. In particular, if you have a challenge you would like us to take up, such as molding, drawing, winding, and processing, please consult us. We would like to shape your needs by allowing you to take advantage of our special elemental technology and engineering functions.

Elemental Technology

Heat Exchange/Flow Analysis Technologies Quenching Stack

The process involved in manufacturing synthetic fiber is one type of plastic molding. This process includes the following steps; melting plastic at high temperatures, extruding the melted plastic from extremely small holes, cooling, heating again, and drawing. For these molding devices (photo on the right: a device for cooling yarns), advanced heat exchange and flow analysis technologies are used.

Vibration Analysis Technology/High Speed Rotor Technology Bobbin holder

Synthetic yarn is wound at ultra high speeds as fast as from 4,000 to 6,000m/min. This winding spindle (bobbin holder) is cantilever structured even at a maximum of length of 1600mm. Operation at a low vibration and noise level can be realized for a long period of time even when rotated at 15,000rpm at maximum with a load of approximately 150kg applied.

Yarn-Making Control Technology/Process Technology On-line Tension Monitor

The figure on the right shows technology for producing multiple-end materials in micro units at high speeds and high quality levels. Yarn tension for 480 spindles (spindle/number of yarns to be produced) at maximum are loaded into PCs and the quality of synthetic yarns under production are monitored in real time. These technologies are applicable to quality control for materials with tensions.

Bulking Processing Technology Belt Nip Twister

This is processing technology for melt spun thread-like materials. The figure on the right shows an apparatus, which is called the Belt Nip Twister, for bulking synthetic yarns in order to change the physical properties and enables twisting (false twisting) 5000 times per 1m at a processing speed of 1000m/min.

Servo Technology/High Precision Positioning Technology Belt Traverse

These technologies are applied to the traverse device for high speed winders in the synthetic yarn production process.
A reciprocating speed of 250m/min remarkably faster than the reciprocating movement speed of a conventional ball screw type is realized by using advanced servo technology and high precision positioning technology. These technologies can be used for a variety of applications as a linear actuator.