The ATF-21 is an almighty machine which utilizes cutting edge technology. This machine has T-shape, V-shape, and M-shape yarn paths, and also distinct Individual Automatic Doffer. T-shape yarn paths with short twisting zone and straight yarn path can produce high quality texturing yarn. Various special devices enables extended texturing of regular and micro filament (low dpf) yarns, and also special yarns. ATF-21 will contribute to the creation of new added value which will help to set your products apart from others.



Quattronip Twinter


Low contact pressure process by using two pairs of special belts enables stable twisting propagation and higher speed production, compared to conventional units.
Using this device also reduces yarn breakages.
The belts have a surprisingly long life time.
Due to the productivity and quality of micro filament and fine denier yarns
having also improved, this device’s performance exceeds the performance using the friction disk.


We increased the twisting power by making the nip twice as long.
It is now possible to process thick 900 denier yarns.


The untiwisting of a DTY yarn is stabilized by using the twisting-stop roller in the untiwisting range, which reduces the hairiness of the filament yarns.


ATF-21 is the best device that can process all kinds of DTY.

Wide processing of 20 to 900 denier and processing of micro filament like 0.3-0.5 dpf.
Specialized yarn (Thick and Thin, Tight Spot Yarn, etc.), structual yarn (core and effect, etc.), special cross section yarn can be processed.
It corresponds to processings such as hollow yarn, conjugate yarn, full dull, cation dyeable, dope dyed, PTT, PBT, and PLA ahead.

Quattronip SZ Twister

QuattronipR SZ Twister can process the high bulk and non torque yarn at high speed.

IAD(Individual Auto Doffer)


IAD (Individual Auto Doffer) is installed in ATF-21 for the quality improvement. There are the following four advantages equipped with IAD.

(1)Improvement of full package ratio by random doffing
(2)Achievement of uniform package production by fixed length control
(3)A human mistake is controlled by automatic doffing, and the package quality improves.
(4)Operator’s load is reduced by automatic doffing. Achievement of labor saving and simplification.

Power saving system


The ECO heater is a heater system that can greatly reduce electric power earth friendly.
A great energy saving of 30~38% is achieved compared with conventinal heater.
As a result, the carbon dioxide exhaust of 28.4 ton a year can be reduced. (Option)


The friction twister can be installed in ATF-21 by the option. New friction twister TRT-A of TMT can reduce 30% of electric power compared with conventional twister.


TCS-2 is useful for pruduction management.
A lot of fuctions of the tension monitor and production information, etc. support the quality control and production management.


A number of machines can be managed by TCS-2 with the host computer through the network. (Option)

The yarn path can be selected according to three types(M,T,and V type)


M Type

This can correspond widely from general regular to a special yarn processing.
This is skillful in processing from middle to heavy denier.

T Type

This is skillful in processing fine denier with the low twisting tension as the weapon.
This can decrease the height of machine compared with V and M type.
Also, it is possible to correspond to high speed processing

V Type

This is skillful in processing from fine to middle denier, also high multi yarn, nylon, and polypropylene, etc.
Also, it is possible to correspond to high speed processing of regular yarn.

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