ATF-21 is a flexible machine which can produce not only regular to high-multi yarn, but special yarn such as value-added and differential products with the selection of V-type and M-type layout. The equipped IAD (Individual Automatic Doffer) will provide acurate package length & power saving.



The yarn path can be selected according to three types(M,T,and V type)


V Type

This is skillful in processing from fine to middle denier, also high multi yarn, nylon, and polypropylene, etc.
Also, it is possible to correspond to high speed processing of regular yarn.

M Type

This can correspond widely from general regular to a special yarn processing.
This is skillful in processing from middle to heavy denier.

You will be able to install a special device under the 1st feed roller(FR1).

* Pre-I/L piping, FR0, FR01 device, hot pin

By using these devices, you will have various options in texturing different yarn, doubling, and wider yarn type capabilities.

Power saving system

Take-up which gives further consideration to package quality can be realized by the adoption of a individual driven belt traverse mechanism. The take-up can be controlled for individual spindles by various programs, and take-up that avoids ribbons or suppresses bulges is also available.

IAD(Individual Auto Doffer)


IAD (Individual Auto Doffer) is installed in ATF-21 for the quality improvement. There are the following four advantages equipped with IAD.

(1)Improvement of full package ratio by random doffing
(2)Achievement of uniform package production by fixed length control
(3)A human mistake is controlled by automatic doffing, and the package quality improves.
(4)Operator’s load is reduced by automatic doffing. Achievement of labor saving and simplification.


TCS-2 is useful for pruduction management.
A lot of fuctions of the tension monitor and production information, etc. support the quality control and production management.


A number of machines can be managed by TCS-2 with the host computer through the network. (Option)

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