In recent years, manpower reduction and energy saving is required in the synthetic fiber industry due to labor shortage and soaring labor cost. ATF1500 consists of 384 spindles per machine having high productivity, high speed process by optimum yarn path and automated by equipped IAD. Contribute to facility cost and running cost by low machine design compared to previous machines.



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High productivity

For the take-up configuration, instead of the conventional 24 spindles/span, 32 spindles/span has been realized. The number of spans has been extended to 12 spans (a total of 384 spindles) from the conventional 10 spans (a total of 240 spindles), with a production volume 1.6 times that of the conventional machines.


In recent years, sports wear and inner wear is getting more and more popular, leading to higher demands in fine denier process yarn used in those applications. The “Twin-PAC” was develop for those demands to achieve high efficiency production. The combination of the SZ multi friction twister, individual driven belt traverse and IAD will achieve high efficiency and will give you the optimum package for unwinding in the next process. Easily can be converted to normal winding stroke by exchangeable parts.

High Speed Processing

In the twisting zone, in place of the conventional contact type vapor-phase heater and contact type cooling plate, the noncontact type HTH and SCP are mounted. HTH has a cassette type zigzag guide arrangement to prevent threads from vibrating with almost non-contact, achieving thread processing with low tension.
SCP employs our original suction-type cooling method. Almost non-contact thread running can be realized with only a few thread holding guides, allowing for thread processing at a tension as low as HTH. In addition, SCP employs a cooling method including an absorption mechanism for sudden thread action such as “passing the tail.”

Also, by combining HTH and SCP, a straight, low tension, and very short twisting zone (approximately 2m) can be achieved, and high-speed processing becomes possible.

Package quality improvements

Belt-traverse mechanism Take-up which gives further consideration to package quality can be realized by the adoption of a individual driven belt traverse mechanism. The take-up can be controlled for individual spindles by various programs, and take-up that avoids ribbons or suppresses bulges is also available.

Excellent manpower savings

In order to increase the production efficiency of multiple spindle machines of 384 spindles/machine even more, a mechanism which automatically changes the thread at the IAD is built in. No manual change work is required to contribute to manpower savings. In addition, as two take-up packages can be stocked, this mechanism is also available for automatic package transfers. Our record of performance speaks for itself, as does our experience in stable changeover rates.

Changeover mechanism Package reserve