Procurement Policy

TMT Machinery conducts its procurement activities based on the following procurement policies.

1.Promotion of fair and open business

In order to conduct optimal procurement under the reasonable competition principle, we open the doors equally to every enterprise in Japan and abroad and provide opportunities for competition fairly and impartially.
Moreover, we evaluate quality, price, speed and service as well as technological strength, management conditions and other factors comprehensively and impartially to determine our transactions. We are looking forward to working with new business partners that are ambitious and competitive.

2.Strict observance of related laws and ordinances and consideration for the environment

We endeavor to conduct business that respects the spirit of the various laws related to commercial businesses, that abides by laws, ordinances, and the standards of society, and that thoroughly considers environmental protection, resource conservation and related issues.

3.Building partnerships

Always seeking to become stronger in a highly competitive environment, we build good partnerships with our business counterparts, valuing mutual understanding and relationships of trust while seeking to realize mutual progress.

4.Seeking new partners

We seek business partners that are not only able to meet deadlines, but that can also respond flexibly to production fluctuations and realize reduced lead times. We will give serious consideration to business partners that can improve costs through value-analysis activities, provide new materials and new technologies and compete with overseas costs.